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2021 Bike Course - Revised

The 2021bike course is going to be modified to a two loop course totaling 10 miles. We switched things up a little this year due to construction and how busy the lower part of the course has become. Safety is our number one concern for all our athletes, we love you guys and want you to be as safe as possible. YAY! This course is easier to follow and traffic is light.

BIKE COURSE... The bike course is a two (2) loop course. Riders will head out from transition and turn left on to 1300W. Follow 1300W to 13200S and turn right. Just before reaching Redwood road you will make a U turn. Head back to 1300 W. Turn right and follow until just before the S curve. At the road closed sign make a U turn and head back up to 1300 W. At 13200 S you will take a right, do an out and back on Lover's lane and then turn right to head back up 1300 West. Turn right on 12800 S to head to the transition. Make a U Turn to start your second loop or head into transition after loop two to dismount for the run.

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