2021 Bike Course

The 2021bike course is going to be modified to a two loop course totaling 11.6 miles. We switched things up a little this year due to construction and how busy the lower part of the course has become. Safety is our number one concern for all our athletes, we love you guys and want you to be as safe as possible. YAY! This course is easier to follow and traffic is light.

BIKE COURSE... Athletes will exit out of the South West area of the Transition Area to mount their bikes and begin the bike portion of the event. Athletes will head West on Withers Lane, making a left hand turn on 1300 W. Athletes will continue South on 1300 W. for approximately 8 miles and will turn left on Copper John Way then left onto Salmon Caddis Drive and right on to1300 W. Athletes will continue on 1300 West for approximately 1.5 miles and turn right on to 13200 South. At the bend athletes will make a U-Turn and head back to 1300 W where they will turn right and head back to transition. At transition athletes will make a U-turn and repeat the loop. At the end of the 2nd loop athletes will enter into transition. All intersections and turns will be signed.

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